Energized by Bret Victor

Thanks to Bret Victor, I feel a sense of purpose. What more can I ask for 54″ of my time?

Academics and Their Publics

(Why Are Academics So) Misunderstood?

Blogging Academe

LibriVox founder and Montreal geek Hugh McGuire recently posted a blog entry in which he gave a series of nine arguments for academics to blog: Why Academics Should Blog Hugh’s post reminded me of one of my favourite blogposts by an academic, a pointed defence of blogging by Mark Liberman, of Language Log fame. Raising … Continue reading Blogging Academe


A topic which I’ll revisit, to be sure. But while I’m at it… I tend to react rather strongly to a behaviour which I consider the intellectual equivalent of schoolyard bullying. Notice that I don’t claim to be above this kind of behaviour. I’m not. In fact, one reason for my blogging this is that … Continue reading Intello-Bullying


Or “Edmonton is to Calgary as Austin is to Houston.” (Can’t remember how this form is called but it’s pretty common.) At the risk of inflaming some city rivalries, I propose that Edmonton and Austin might be functionally equivalent cities in their respective contexts. I say this without having been to Alberta or even to Houston. … Continue reading Edmonton:Calgary::Austin:Houston

Dangers of Academic Blogging

A-list blogger and fellow Ph.D.  candidate danah boyd comments on the reaction to one of her blog entries. I think some folks misinterpreted this piece as an academic article. No doubt this is based on my observations from the field, but this is by no means an academic article. I did add some methodological footnotes … Continue reading Dangers of Academic Blogging

Banality of Heroism

Wow! I’m speechless! Open Source » Blog Archive » The Banality of Evil, Part II

Humanistic Sociocentrism

There must be a common term for this and it is certainly well-known. A kind of wishful thinking of the trailblazer type. A combination of utopianism, humanism, naïveté, forward-thinking, and ethnocentrism. You wish for society to change in a given way, you predict that society will eventually switch to that direction, you wait patiently for … Continue reading Humanistic Sociocentrism

Building Ethics and Media

I sometimes have issues with moral entrepreneurs and other self-righteous “do what I preach or submit to my wrath” people. I certainly tolerate and respect them, but I do have some difficulties coping with their attitude. On the other hand, I certainly salute initiatives which combine ethical values with self-empowerment, sustainable development, alter-globalization, sound economic … Continue reading Building Ethics and Media