Alexandre Enkerli — Curriculum Vitæ (PDF)

French-speaking ethnographer (linguistic anthropologist, ethnomusicologist, Africanist), coffee homeroaster, beer homebrewer, saxophone player, and human being.

Here are five of my key achievements:

  • Taught social sciences and humanities (“ethnographic disciplines,” especially) at eight institutions of higher learning (in Indiana, Massachusetts, Quebec, New Brunswick,  Texas, and Ontario).
  • Conducted formal and informal ethnographic field research in diverse contexts (Québécois families, hunters’ associations in Mali, homebrewers in North America, etc.)
  • Participated in a large number of social networks (connecting musicians to social media specialists, baristas to homebrewers, engineers to academics).
  • Played saxophone in a variety of musical contexts (from duets to mass band, from a Malian band to classical quartets).
  • Written extensively about a wide range of topics (language, music, social networks, coffee, Africa, social media, beer, academia, hedonism, etc.).

The following post may also shed light on my background.

Selling Myself Long « Disparate.

Francophone jusqu’au bout des ongles: né au Québec d’une mère Québécoise et d’un père Suisse-Romand, effectuant des recherches avec des chasseurs au Mali, autrefois marié à une Acadienne…

Un hédoniste dans l’âme et dans les actes. «Nous avons toute la vie pour nous amuser, nous avons toute la mort pour nous reposer»

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  1. Can you help me find some fabulous speakers?

    My name is Rick Spence. I’m a content-marketing consultant, former magazine editor (PROFIT), and a blogger (http://canentrepreneur.blogspot.com). I’m now doing some consulting work to help Visa Canada plan its third annual Small Business Big Thinking conference next June.

    After two years in Toronto, the upcoming conference will be held in Montreal. I am now contacting a few creative, thoughtful bloggers in the Montreal area to pick your brains about potential keynote speakers.

    For instance: I think the world of Guy Laliberte of Cirque du Soleil, who was just named Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year. And Jean Coutu, of drugstore fame. But I have no idea if these people are overexposed in the Montreal market, and whether attendees might rather hear from a big-name entrepreneur (Michael Dell? Bill Gates?) or a well-known, relevant author (Thomas Friedman, Malcolm Gladwell?).

    We probably don’t have the budget to get these guys, but I throw them out as examples of types of speakers we might aim for.

    We have two keynote positions available, morning (must be upbeat, inspirational, powerful) and afternoon (um, pretty much the same – though their content could be a bit more hands-on and applied than inspirational). Any thoughts on who might go over best in Montreal?

    (I’m also wondering if ought to have one keynoter who is French-speaking and the other English-speaking, or if we could get away with two anglophones if they’re great enough speakers. Any thoughts?)

    FYI, the conference will take place in both English and French. We expect to have simultaneous translation available for most of the day, which will consist of both keynote speakers and smaller, more focused “breakout” sessions.

    Our target market is mainly owners of businesses with between two and 20 employees who are interested in finding new and more effective ways to grow their companies. You can get a feel for the quality of last year’s conference at http://www.visa.ca/bigthinking/.

    Thanks very much. Please let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions. Merci beaucoup. And good blogging.

    Rick Spence

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