Individualism, Freedom, and Food

A surprisingly superficial podcast episode on what could have been a very deep subject.

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start a conversation about manipulation, persuasion and freedom from choice

To summarize the main issue of that episode: is marketing and "upselling" by restaurant chains undermining the individual freedom to choose quality food? Apparently simple a question, but billed as much more than that.

Maybe they refrained from delving deeper into any of those issues because philosophical discussions, perhaps aesthetic ones especially, are off limits in "polite company" in U.S. media. Too bad.

Actually, I’m genuinely disappointed. Not necessarily because restaurant chains are very important an issue for me (in Montreal, they don’t seem to have the exact same type of impact and I love to cook). But because the show’s participants all came very close to saying very important things about individualism, food, and freedom. The first two are too rarely discussed, IMHO, and the third could have been the "hook" to discuss the other two.

Ah, well…

If you want to know more about my thoughts on this podcast episode, check out some of the tags below.

5 thoughts on “Individualism, Freedom, and Food”

  1. Greetings,

    I produced The End of Free WIll? show. You make some great points about the show failing to be as provocative and profound as it could have been. You have a remarkable blog, which expresses a sensibility and perspective that would have benefited the End of Free Will show. I wish my technorati searches had led me to Disparate prior to that broadcast. Perhaps we can enlist you in the future? We’d love to know what ideas you have for other radio shows.

    Cheers, Chelsea

    (apologies for originally posting this in the “About” category) [Not a problem. I deleted that one. — Alexandre]

  2. Chelsea,

    Heartfelt thanks for your comments on my blog. Thanks also for not taking my comments the wrong way. This specific episode of Radio Open Source was as thought-provoking and helpful as other episodes, despite what I felt were shortcomings.
    As it so happens, I was in the process of collecting a few links to send to Radio Open Source to serve as the basis for a show suggestion (on beliefs and peace). While I do tend to post critical comments about ROS, the show often helps me think about several issues, especially in connection with U.S. society.
    Do feel free to enlist me in the future. My profile is here.
    Thanks again!

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