Lost Tags and Categories

Since I moved to this domain (from my main blog on WordPress.com, now redirecting here), one of the main issues on my mind has been the loss of my (oh so previous) categories and tags. Not to mention links. Nothing tragic about this but I made extensive use of classifiers, like tags and categories. Some might say I did too much of it, actually. But the issue probably wasn’t caused by the abundance of tags and categories since a test import of a single blog with very few categories and tags had exactly the same results.

I’ve been investigating the situation. Posted to the WordPress Multisite forum and then to the general WordPress troubleshooting forum. Though it doesn’t seem to be exclusively a multisite issue (I recreated the problem on a single site), the multisite forum is where I received feedback. The method proposed is involved enough that I’ll have to have several free hours to make sure I can implement it. Especially since I already spent several hours on this.

Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress and the whole process can often be painfree. Besides, similar things can happen on any platform (though sometimes you may get more in “free support,” as long as you “sell eyeballs”). It’s just a bit sad that it didn’t work as planned.

Once that issue is solved, I’ll be adding some features to this blog and might start work on its design. I’m not really one for design, in general, but it’ll serve as a place for experimentation in a broader way than did my old WordPress.com blog.

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