Moved to My Own Domain

A short post to celebrate the fact that I was able to move my main blog from to my own domain, my own WordPress installation, and even my own URL shortener.

It only took a few minutes (the new blog was already set up, but even that didn’t take long). And it means that I can control pretty much everything. Including all details of the theme (should do this soon), all sorts of plugins (including the one creating short URLs and posting them on Twitter), and everything having to do with the site’s administration.

Of course, I’ll have to reconfigure a few things. For instance, it seems that I’ve lost most of my categories. Might have to reimport everything because of this. And I’ll need to find plugins to get some of the functionalities I had on (such as the “sourcecode” shortcode, for my previous post).

But I still think it’ll work, in the long run.

3 thoughts on “Moved to My Own Domain”

  1. Hey, found you on and wanted to join learning 20 but don’t see a join button… am i just being thick?

    Would like to bounce some ideas of you vis a vis WP as an LMS.



    1. You’re not thick at all. I blocked new registration on because there were people creating fake accounts. But I can create an accout for you, of course,
      In fact, I’ve mostly used the site for my own courses, recently, but I’d like to invite people interested in learning and teaching. So this will be a nice occasion for this. Thanks!

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