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WordPress Syllabus Database 0.4 (Theme Files)


Was able to create a “self-contained” version of my syllabus database theme, coding in features from outside plugins.

You can see the results on my new test site for this theme.

Here are some screenshots:

I’d still like to add a few things, especially in terms of further styling the “single” and “archive” pages (those which display syllabi individually or together). And I’ll be adding some fields and taxonomies. But the overall structure is in place. And it works.

A surprisingly long bug to fix was the name of the template for individual syllabus display. According to any documentation I’ve seen, it’s supposed to be called “single-syllabus.php”, and this worked in a previous version (on the site where I had used other plugins). But my template wasn’t being applied (so I couldn’t see the meta-data). But, it turns out, “syllabus.php” works. The reason the other filename continued working, on the previous site, is that the More Types plugin had left some traces in the MySQL database running the site. Just a few letters to delete, to solve the problem, but rather difficult to troubleshoot. Especially since I’ve had similar problems in the past but for other reasons.

Here are the files for the current version of my theme.

Syllabus Database 0.4 (Theme Files)


[gview file=”http://blog.enkerli.com/files/2011/08/syllabusdb-0.4.zip” save=”1″]

And here’s the export file for the two syllabi I created:

Syllabus Database, WP Export File (ZIP)

[gview file=”http://blog.enkerli.com/files/2011/08/syllabusdatabase.wordpress.2011-08-09.xml_.zip” authonly=”1″]

I changed some things to my local installation for the course display screenshot (to make things fit), but I was able to upload this file to another site (on another server), activate the theme and two plugins (Attachmentsand google doc embedder).


Yep! I’m still having fun