Obligatory 2.7 Post

When new features are added to a blogging platform, I figure I should try them. In this case, the QuickPress box in WordPress 2.7 is fairly neat.
But I’m mostly excited about the Batch Editing feature.
One thing I notice which is a bit off is that the French version of the Dashboard drop-down menu takes two lines, which looks a bit off. But that’s a minor point.
A bigger one, though, is that this QuickPress feature doesn’t auto-complete tags. That’s a bit counterproductive. Auto-completing tags is one of those very convenient features which makes special sense in quick blogging.
Not to mention that QuickPress doesn’t support categories.
Ah, well…

6 thoughts on “Obligatory 2.7 Post”

  1. On my blogging platform WP.com 2.7 (French version)

    Auto-completing tags work
    Category work

    I like that the interface become “flexible width”. Very convenient with modern widescreen: 20″ and more

    1. Tags auto-completion work now but I still don’t see categories.
      I like the fact that I can reply to comments directly from the dashboard, though I’m not sure I’ll use this feature so much.
      My favourite new feature is batch editing but it’s still far from perfect. I mostly wanted to use it to reassign some tags and categories (and merge some categories) but it’s a bit cumbersome.
      Still, the update will finally make it reasonable for me to tag old posts. When I imported posts from my previous blog, none of them had tags.

  2. Alexandre,
    For article ‘Categories’ is under ‘Tags’ at right.

    Yes, batch editing or ‘bulk actions’ is very good but be careful. šŸ˜‰

    Categories and Tags are tags for WP.
    But I use Categories for generic/large subject and Tags for more specific subject or people name.

    1. Nope, no “Categories” in QuickPress there. Got Ā«TitreĀ», Ā«ContenuĀ», Ā«TagsĀ» and buttons.
      Before batch editing, I backup my blog. Maybe an undo feature would help, but it’s still relatively safe the way it’s implemented.

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