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Is it just me or is there an increased presence of librarians on the blogosphere, these days? Not just as authors but as subjects.

For instance:

I know the connection between libraries and blogging is pretty obvious and information scientists are as blogworthy as anyone can get. So it’s probably just that I notice librarian blogging more, these days. Thing is, on the Web, perception is worth a lot, however accurate it may be.

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  1. Libraries (and other public places) should have a kiosk terminal where the blog is not a single person’s blog, but is a blog for that entity. User access (like library cards) is required to blog.

    This way users can blog occasionally without having the intimidation of maintaining a full-time blog.

  2. “The librarian is the lawyer’s best friend”, goes the old adage.

    The Library of Congress in Washington, DC, is well worth visiting.

    It seems to me that the information revolution is continuing right over to the next planet!


    1. Interesting quote. I still think librarians get much less consideration than they deserve, especially in this period of changes around information management.
      Haven’t spent any time in DC but I’ve been thing about the LoC, recently. In fact, I think there was an anniversary a few days ago and I looked up some encyclopedia articles about it. Does sound like a nice place to visit.
      In Montreal, we have a much more modest but quite interesting library, which is available to anyone living in Quebec and has some useful online resources (JSTOR, for instance). The physical space is also nice. I was just there an hour ago, picking up some CDs and DVDs.

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