No Apology Required

Not sure why, but I quite like Omnikrom. Their summer hits  are unapologetically poppy and I like the self-deprecating humour which seeps through the whole thing. These guys seriously don’t take themselves too seriously. All the while posing as superstars, which they could well become.

I should go to the free (as in summer beer) Omnikrom and Numéro# Fouf show on May 9.

Omnikrom and Numéro#

Thanks to André Péloquin’s PodMo for including «Été hit» (which he got from La Swompe).

4 thoughts on “No Apology Required”

  1. And, I would almost say, I rediscovered your band thanks to the wonders of Facebook. But I did think about it on occasion (like, talking with Jessie). It’s just that I didn’t have time to keep up with the band’s news.
    Is Telefauna playing soon?
    Omnikrom and Telefauna playing on the same stage. Now, that’d be something!

  2. We just played last week and don’t have anything concrete planned for the near future…
    We’d love to play with those guys. I think it would totally work. Or collaborate! I’d love to do some beats for some freaky franco MCs…

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