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Went to see Gyroscope at Cheval blanc. Great show!

Apparently, Gyroscope is labelled as post-rock but their music is diverse enough to make them break away from any pigeonhole. The band’s overall sound is consistent throughout yet pieces and sections contrast vividly. Thinking of influences might not be the best way to describe the band’s music. Thanks to circumstances, kept thinking of Francis Dhomont, The Shaggs, Jack DeJohnette, Mogwai, Return to Forever, and Van Morrison. Please don’t ask why! Still, the band’s music was open enough to allow for cerebral wandering despite the fact that the sheer acoustic presence of the group made the show into an immersive experience.

Compare as you will. The show was fun.

Obviously, they have MP3 excerpts on their site. Here’s one: Yinque s’une patte. Yet, the band’s performance was quite a bit better than those excerpts.