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Canadian Animation Gone Wiiiild!

What It’s Like Being Alone: The Series

Whoa! Didn’t expect that! Is this what people have been talking about, in my back?

Watched tonight’s episode about an American orphanage opening next door. Man! Funny, creative, technically well-made, even insightful! These guys (Frederic Fuchs, Marc Lougee, Bradley Peyton, and Orphanage Inc.) must have gotten some good stuff growing in their backyards.

Interestingly enough, IMDb votes are mostly at 10 and 1. Not for everyone. You’ve been warned.
Thanks, gang!

Dessin animé à l'européenne

SCIFI.COM | The Amazing Screw-On Head

C’est peut-être ma perception qui est faussée mais le dessin me fait penser à de la BD européenne, même si le sujet est américain (voire patriotique!). Humour bien noir, belles trouvailles.

Le pilote est disponible en-ligne avant d’être diffusé à l’écran, ce qui lui a mérité une mention sur This Week in Tech.

The Onion AV Club on W&G

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit | The A.V. Club
Haven't seen this one yet but have been enjoying the other Park/Aardman creations. This review is quite useful because it describes the type of experience one is likely to go through while watching the movie without necessarily evaluating it. That way, audience members are free to enjoy the movie for themselves but know in which context the movie should be seen.
Can't wait to see this one.

[Update: enjoyed it quite a lot!]

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