Escaping Emoticons/Smilies in WordPress

I like to keep the emoticons conversion on my blog as a whole but there are occasions in which specific strings should not be converted to emoticons. The most recent instance on my blog came in a comment.

Found the answer here:

WordPress – Prevent Smileys In Code Quotes

One method is to use spaces, but extra spaces are distracting. So, the best way is to replace the parenthesis with its ASCII code: “& #41;” (without quotes or space).

A bit hacky, but useful.

2 thoughts on “Escaping Emoticons/Smilies in WordPress”

  1. Thanks needed this. Although I’ll miss the smiley-face version of the proposal I posted 😛

    I guess the trick is to search and replace everything before pasting… but it’s still not ideal.

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