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Been missing Montreal’s blogging community a bit but it sound like Austin also has something going on in terms of blogging.Met two local bloggers yesterday at the Austin Zealots‘ Roaming Happy Hour:  

 Not only am I able to add these guys’ blogs (and a few of their favorite blogs) to my own blogroll, but I get a better impression of what Austin’s blogging scene might be like.Of course, Austin has some Metrobloggers. It’s quite possible that these folks may meet occasionally, thereby providing the local blogger with a YulBlog-like experience. But it’s still more fun to meet bloggers with whom you share some interests (in this case, respect for craft beer).After all, it’s all part of the social butterfly effect.

2 thoughts on “Austin Bloggers”

  1. @Matt Thanks for the link!
    After writing this post, I met a number of other bloggers in Austin and was able to enjoy different aspects of the geek scene, including Jelly and CC Salon.
    Had to move back to Montreal afterwards but Austin’s geek scene was quite cool.
    In Montreal, we have and the monthly meeting is tonight.

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