AT&T Yahoo Pro DSL to Belkin WiFi

Was trying to set up my Belkin Wireless G Router (F5D7230-4) for use with our “Pro DSL” broadband connection from AT&T Yahoo (with a Motorola 2210 ADSL modem). It always stopped at authentication even though both of our computers (a MacBook and an eMachines H3070) could use the connection directly. Tried just about everything I could from doing a manual setup or resetting the router and the DSL modem, to updating the firmware or changing the connection’s password.
Most Web searches led me to irrelevant results. Nobody seemed to be having the same problem as I was. To be honest, my frustration was mounting. I almost called tech support!
Then, I noticed that the following forum post kept creeping up in search results, even though it didn’t have anything to do with AT&T.
It then dawned on me that the problem may be simpler than I thought. Maybe my assumption was wrong, that this connection was using PPPOE like Sympatico, my previous ISP.
So, pretty much on a whim, I tried changing the connection type from PPPOE to Dynamic IP. And everything worked flawlessly.
Apart from experience with Bell’s Sympatico service, I was probably misled by the fact that this AT&T DSL connection was configured for use with a special account and a password. AFAICT, this account isn’t necessary for the connection (but is provided with the connection). 
After setting all of this up, I set up my Fonera WiFi router. “But you’re already using the Belkin Wireless G Router!,” you say? Well, yes. But I’m using the Fonera so I can easily share my connection with other Foneros. There’s already a few of us, Austin members of the Fon Movimiento. Not that we know each other. But we all share our broadband connection for free.
Why would we do such a thing?
Because we can. 

4 thoughts on “AT&T Yahoo Pro DSL to Belkin WiFi”

  1. Hey fellow Fonero!
    You are not alone.

    Seems like most folks in Austin have shut their Fon routers off, and honestly, the whole Fon Movimento Revolucion is winding down, but it’s good to see some other stragglers. I run the hotspot at Wadford and Dunlap (near S.Congress and Ben White). I don’t know the other a block away on Lessin; he doesn’t respond to messages i’ve sent him via his MyFon panel.

    Also, check out my blog if you haven’t seen it, or amuse yourself reading my posts on Skype me if you like, and we’ll talk about Fon and Austin.


  2. @Chad Actually, I moved away from Austin but my ex has kept the Fonera until now.
    Glad to see there are other Foneros in Austin but I’m now in Montreal.

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