Tagged Again?

I seem to be one of few bloggers fellow anthroblogger Nancy Leclerc (aka Gary Dickinson) wishes to tag:

Music, Books and Spirit: 8 things . . .

So, even though I’ve been tagged very recently,  I’ll play along. But just because I’m lazy and reveal a lot about myself anyway, I’ll just say eight random things about myself, regardless of how well-known they may be. What’s funny is that Nancy and I have never met IRL.


  1.  I’ve had a crush on a number of women when I was a kid, including some fictional characters. One crush I had as a teenager was with Simone Foster from Head of the Class. I still love humanists.
  2. Not only did I have imaginary friends when I was a kid but I kept imagining all sorts of things throughout my childhood, some of which were just too extreme in terms of megalomania. I still have a very active “internal life.”
  3. I don’t really have an alter ego but people are telling me that I act very different whether I speak English or French. Does that count?
  4. I decided to go into anthropology when I was 13 and never really deviated. Between ages 8 and 11, I wanted to become a lawyer (to defend innocent people). I eventually decided (at age 11) that law had too much to do with personal profit for my tastes.
  5. Despite being a single-parent household, my family (my mother, my brothers, and myself) has mostly been quite unified. Actually, I revealed quite a bit about this in a blog post in French.
  6. I’m not shy at all and I probably appear to be overly eager, assertive, extrovert, or friendly to a number of people. Though I’m sorry if I rub people the wrong way, I probably won’t change on this point.
  7. I’m in love with someone who lives 460km away from here. For the past 10 years, we spent about half of our time away from one another. The cool thing is, we’re going to settle down in Austin together, come December.
  8. I love teaching so much that I’m not sure how I can envision my life without teaching opportunities. Oh, I may get other jobs and I may spend some time without any formal teaching duties. But I’ll still get withdrawal symptoms.

Oh, kay… This was, erm, different. Whom should I tag?

Let’s go semi-random, this time.

Andi, SteveAnne-José, Gary Lee, Vanou, Kevin, Debbie, Sarah

9 thoughts on “Tagged Again?”

  1. Austin, assuming you mean Austin, Tx. Very cool town. I live just outside in the burbs to the north. Need any tips or help in getting settled, let me know.

  2. Phil,

    Thanks for your comment! I seem to remember your blog from somewhere so we probably have been tagged by the same person. Funny how these things go.
    I am in fact talking about Austin, Texas. But when I talk about Concordia University, I mean ConU in Montreal.
    My wife and I could certainly use some tips even though I notice that Austinites are already very helpful with regards to our upcoming move. So I guess I should contact you off-blog.
    Catherine is the one who accepted a tenure-track at UT and I’ll be tagging along.

    Thanks again!

  3. I’m touched by the tagging (is that like graffiti tagging? Should I be outraged?), but I’m not one for the memes. Besides, I can’t think of eight things my readers don’t know about me that I’d want them to know about me and haven’t already told them.

  4. As these things go, you can interpret it however you want. Let’s call it a graffiti and use some pent-up anger to act outraged for a second. Or just ignore it. Same difference.

  5. Enkerli, Yes please do contact me if you need any help. You are right, folks are helpful down here and I doubt you’ll have any problem. Still I’ve been around here since the late 1980’s and lived all over the area, so I’m probably a pretty knowledgeable resource. I could give you a good run-down of living options if you would like. Heck, we could have a cup of Joe or a brew if you’d like. Always enjoy welcoming new folks to town. In the words of Lyle Lovett, “That’s right your not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway.”

  6. Phil,

    This all sounds really nice!
    And I would certainly enjoy having coffee or beer with you once I get there. Do you happen to know people in Austin’s coffee community? I know people in the beer community (including the Austin ZEALOTS and the Black Star Co-op) but I haven’t had much luck with finding coffee-loving Austinites.

  7. It’d be fun if you could do it. If not, no worries.
    But I found out that these things are more fun if you do them as unthinkingly as possible…

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