As said a few hours ago, been trying some blogging tools and ecto looks like it might be a winner. Among other things, ecto’s interface is efficient, it seamlessly supports multiple blogs (useful in my case because of my role in Critcal World‘s own WordPress-based weblog), integrates a variety of scripts (from Perl to Bash and Ruby to AppleScript!), and allows for both categories and tags. Unfortunately, its categories/tags support doesn’t seem to work like, say, (which is incredibly powerful). But that might not be much of a deal-breaker. After all, there probably are scripts which creates tags from comma-separated terms.
This entry is sent through the MetaWeblog API (instead of the MovableType, which is the default for blogs in ecto). My hope is that through this API, blog entries show directly on the blog front page. With the MovableType interface, my previous entry was published but didn’t appear on my blog’s front page.

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